The Intelligent Analytics Catalog

ZenOptics is an analytic catalog that enables report productivity, collaboration, manageability and governance. This single interface allows for direct access to all analytic assets (reports, dashboard, spreadsheets and applications.)

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We solve the problems created when enterprises utilize multiple analytic products

Report Duplication

Unused Reports

Low User Adoption

Underutilized Licenses

Inconsistent Decisions



ZENOPTICS promotes self-service BI Governance


With native collaboration and integration with Slack users can collaborate on the BI reports and dashboards.


When BI reports are available to users via search and catalogs it improves transparency.


Insights from structured and unstructured data in disparate platforms come together in one place.


Discovery of available BI insights is simplified with report recommendations based on usage patterns.

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SAP, Tableau, Microstrategy Oh My!

March 23, 2017     Alexis Romano

Recently I’ve been having conversations with business intelligence and analytic leaders telling me that they have over 3 tools in their landscape and most likely a few more. A few more. What does that mean?

A Flood of Reports

January 10, 2017     Saurbh Khera

In today's "Best of Breed" environment, BI and Analytics leaders are facing more challenges than ever. Self-Service BI tools have democratized data and analysis ...

How to Maximize your BI Investments

January 6, 2017     Ramesh Sunder

It is 2017, almost everyone is familiar to the concept of recommendation engines. Netflix recommends your favorite shows and movies with great accuracy...

How to bring everyone on the same page?

Dec 29, 2016     Ramesh Sunder

As the year ends, it is often the time for retrospection. If you are leading Business Intelligence (BI) or Big Data Analytics initiatives, you are perhaps looking ...

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