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ZenOptics brings complete visibility to our reporting by grouping reports from all platforms together, increasing our searchability, and providing a clear list of terms and definitions to make sure everyone in our business is on the same page. They have been great to work with and very accommodating in our requests, and as a result we now have a great tool that is customized to the needs of our business.

Jeffery Colledge

ZenOptics has helped us solve our distributed reporting challenges. Their Analytics Catalog provided our users with a single application where they can interact with all their reports and analytics assets. Users can now search for content across the enterprise, access it intuitively and collaborate with colleagues. This is helping them to work more efficiently and make faster, more confident decisions. Additionally, we now have a complete picture of usage which helps us manage all our assets more effectively.

Sam Sorsa
Brown Forman

Are you struggling with challenges like these?

ZenOptics makes them more productive by providing:
  • Single sign-on to all BI & analytics platforms
  • User personalizing including favorites, workflows, and customized groups
  • Collaboration with colleagues
  • Side-by-side reporting for easy comparison of results
  • Report certification for trusted analytics

ZenOptics enables governance by providing:
  • Visibility into who is using what reports, ensuring appropriate authorization
  • Cross-platform certification
  • A platform for self-governance
  • Complete analytics asset governance

ZenOptics reduces both opex and capex by providing:
  • The ability to optimize seat licensing costs for all BI and analytics tools
  • Statistics on the number of reports in each platform and whether users are accessing those reports
  • Reports to expose duplicate reports, reducing maintenance costs
  • An AI recommendation and search engine that can identify similar reports to save on development costs

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Industry Luminaries

ZenOptics has created a product that is exactly what the industry needs. I’ve been asking for this solution from the industry for years! With this solution enterprise will do a much better job with report governance and management.

John O'Brien

Report sprawl is a serious but under-recognized problem. Unless companies master the basics of report creation and distribution, they won’t succeed with higher-level endeavors… A report catalog is a great way to gain visibility into corporate reports, track usage, and establish processes for governing or avoiding report sprawl. ZenOptics is providing exactly this kind of product.

Wayne Eckerson

If you have a portfolio of different reporting, BI, and visualization tools, an analytics catalog should be a critical component of your governance strategy. ZenOptics has the most innovative, effective and usable platform for this emerging and important practice.

Donald Farmer

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