Decision Confidence In Action

ZenOptics has an extensive set of smart connectors that quickly, seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise applications, BI and analytics tools, and data sources to provide a single pane of interaction for all your analytic assets. The result is a single environment from which to drive efficiency and confidence in decision-making based on a complete picture of all your enterprise information.

With report consumers accessing analytics and insights in so many places, it’s difficult to ensure that they see the most important information.

As organizations advance their information strategy, many companies face a complex ecosystem of multiple tools and solutions to support analytics and business intelligence.

This creates confusion and complexity for analysts and business users as they try to find the relevant information to make sound decisions.

Often the hardest part of an M&A activity is the integration efforts that follow the event. ZenOptics can accelerate this integration.

As organizations modernize their environments new tools are frequently introduced and legacy tools may be retired.

The governance of data alone is no longer fully sufficient to ensure confident, accurate, decisions can be made. Report and analytics governance takes governance one step further, providing additional guardrails and measures for people to work safely and confidently with analytics assets.

Reports and dashboards naturally progress through lifecycle stages of usefulness and accuracy. ZenOptics improves report lifecycle management to build confidence that the information being used for decisions is accurate and relevant.

Value Proposition


All Information


Bring together all enterprise information assets in one system.


5 hr.

Saving per user / week


BI and Analytic Investments


Optimize report usage across the entire BI and analytic ecosystem.

20 %

Savings in License Costs


Decisions and Reporting


Certify reports and workflows to guide decision-making.

35 %

Savings in Maintenance Costs


ZenOptics partners play a key role in the success of our customer's implementations by providing critical expertise and solutions needed to take full advantage of the ZenOptics offering.

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