A Flood of Reports

In today’s “Best of Breed” environment, BI and Analytics leaders are facing more challenges than ever. Self-Service BI tools have democratized data and analysis and helped speed up reports generation, but it gives rise to a more serious concern: how can decision makers govern the flood of reports generated by disparate self-service tools and create one absolute version of truth? How can decision makers pull all the reports from different silo departments? Can they even find the reports they need, when they need it? Cant find it? OK, lets create a new one, What happened to my BI governance and security? Hold on a second…..who owns that data?

“When no one is taking charge of the interpretation and analysis centrally, it often means that no one is getting the big picture,” Bernard Marr writes in a recent Forbes article. “If companies only offer self-service analytics, they run the risk that people miss key insights, misinterpret the data or perform the wrong analysis.”

Standardization, Integration, and Personalization

“In organizations where core management reports are standardized, it is significantly more likely that these reports will be used to drive focused and insightful conversations in leadership meetings.” Enterprises should embrace an integrated approach to reports governance so they can fully tap the potential of a self-service model. They need a unifying platform that allows both business users and decision makers to access and organize content from disparate reporting and document management systems into intuitive, personalized, and decision-focused views. Such a platform should offer customer-defined catalogs based on functional, business process, or organization views so they can easily obtain the actionable information they need.Enterprise decision makers should address the flood resulting from the democratization of reports generation. Only by doing so can they truly play in today’s data-driven business arena.Is this becoming a nuisance in your organization, Is this starting to irritate the heck out of you? Talk to me and I will tell you how enterprises like yours are continuing to regain control of their Reporting Landscape without compromising on the promise of Self-Service BI.

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