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Can Your BI Platform Cater to Disparate Data From Multiple Systems?

Can Your BI Platform Cater to Disparate Data From Multiple Systems?

December 15, 2020

People create around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, and that rate of data creation grows at an incredible rate. This incredible amount translates to… more data than businesses can ever hope to handle without the right tools. Thankfully, technology does not disappoint in granting enterprises the tools that they need to harness all these bytes into pieces of information that drive business decisions and increase the potential for growth. One of the best of these tools is Business Intelligence (BI).

In the 1960s, Business Intelligence was defined as a system for information-sharing within organizations. Two decades after, it developed into the early model of its current iteration: modes for data-centric decision-making alongside computer models. Today, it is a specific offering that is designed to help businesses take advantage of data — the priceless new commodity — to:

  • Understand and predict customer behavior
  • Identify issues and assess trends
  • Optimize operational efficiency and performance; and
  • Analyze new ways to boost profit

However, BI does not always have a streamlined process to follow. Further, many organizations have multiple BI and analytics tools across the enterprise. Businesses with disparate data in these different tools still need to access and understand the information across these silos to ensure proper and comprehensive analyses. Failing to do so not only delivers poor ROI on your BI investment, it can hinder the organization’s ability to make informed decisions.

How Disparate Data Hurts Your Business

For virtually every business, disparate data is an inevitability. Different departments need different information, which results in the generation of different data assets. Similarly, some organizations still use legacy systems, which house their data. In addition, onboarding several enterprise applications onto your IT infrastructure will clog up your data pipelines and leave you with a lot to work with.

If your BI ecosystem cannot deal with disparate data, your business stands at risk of:

  • Making Poor Data-Driven Decisions
    Without a comprehensive view of all your data sources, you can only hope to make relevant decisions. Disparate data does not give you the complete picture that you need for effective insights. For instance, if you’re hoping to better understand your market’s purchasing patterns, you will need a complete look at your buyer journeys; if one of the information assets for your buyer journeys is inaccessible, your analysis may not be as complete as it needs to be.
  • Delaying the Development of Actionable Insights
    If your data remains in isolated silos, your business gets stuck in the information collection phase. And where you need to be, for successful Business Intelligence, is to make actionable insights from your information. Incomplete, missing, or duplicate data will harm your BI and analytics efforts.

The ZenOptics Difference

ZenOptics’ platform provides direct access to all of your analytics assets, including reports, dashboards, spreadsheets, applications, and data, even if they are from disparate systems.

Our platform is engineered to provide a single interface to quickly view the reports from disparate analytic resources across the enterprise. This increases productivity for knowledge workers who use multiple analytic platforms daily, improves efficiency for information stewards who govern analytics and data assets, and assists IT management who oversee the TCO of analytic and reporting systems. Its features include:

  • A single-application interface with access to all analytics assets, analytics asset metadata
  • A holistic enterprise search with AI-driven recommendations to boost collaboration and productivity
  • Cross-platform Intelligent Management capabilities; and
  • Critical governance functions

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About The Author

ZenOptics helps organizations drive increased value from their analytics assets by improving the ability to discover information, trust it, and ultimately use it for improving decision confidence. Through our integrated platform, organizations can provide business users with a centralized portal to streamline the searchability, access, and use of analytics from across the entire ecosystem of tools and applications.

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