How to Bring Everyone on the Same Page?

As the year ends, it is often the time for retrospection. If you are leading Business Intelligence (BI) or Big Data Analytics initiatives, you are perhaps looking for answers to some important questions in an effort to drive positive outcomes in the new year. What has been your Return on Investment (ROI) on BI and Big Data investments? What about Dark Data? Have you done enough to throw light on Dark Data so your colleagues can make better decisions? Is there a common understanding of dimensions and metrics across the organizations ? More importantly – How do you get everyone on the same page?

BI tools and data sources have grown dramatically in every organizations. Data Visualization tools like Tableau, Birst, Power BI, Qlik etc. have found home in IT landscape of many big and small companies. This happens because of departmental decisions or a result of Mergers & Acquisitions. This also creates business silos that create inefficiencies and inconsistent decision across the enterprise. 

Collecting and cataloging metadata is the first step towards harnessing the benefits from your BI investments. Many companies today understand the importance of managing a single metadata repository or data dictionary so that decisions within their organization become reliable and consistent. Investments in Master Data Management (MDM)Master Data Governance (MDG) etc. are made with the right mindset – cataloging the data elements will perhaps help getting everyone on the same page. However, the enforcement is arbitrary and is often left to Business Analysts or end-users. This creates its own problems as it is subject to various interpretations. Let’s explore how this situation can be managed effectively.

Enterprise BI Governance – what it should be?

Enterprise BI Governance ensures that decisions in the entire company are rooted in one central definition of data, data authorizations and data usage. With proper implementation of Enterprise BI Governance, it should be possible to view, add or modify the data definition. But more importantly, to see all the benefits, centrally managed data dictionary should be accessible for self governance at the time of consumption . So how do we get there ?

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