ZenOptics Announces Major User Experience Enhancements for Increased Productivity in Version 3.7

This release focuses on user experience and driving enhanced productivity through personalization to enable individuals working with data and analytics assets

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 – ZenOptics Inc, the leading provider of the analytics catalog, today announces ZenOptics version 3.7. This ZenOptics release prioritizes the user experience and personalization to better support the various working styles and processes of individuals on a day-to-day basis.

ZenOptics is designed to provide a unified view of all analytics assets across the organization, regardless of the tool or application in which the information may reside. With the democratization of data and analytics, analysts and businesspeople are inconvenienced by the fact that multiple reporting environments are necessary for their day-to-day tasks. ZenOptics
unites all these assets in a single analytics catalog with appropriate governance for easy access, discoverability, and use.

In version 3.7, each person who interacts with analytics assets is able to conduct their work based on individual preferences and processes that are part of their day-to-day activities, increasing productivity and efficiency and enabling people to focus on business objectives. With this goal in mind, and based on research of analytics usage patterns, UX trends, and customer
feedback, ZenOptics designed version 3.7 with enhancements for the navigation, display, and discoverability of important analytics assets for users.


Knowledge workers often spend up to 25 percent of their time searching for information¹. Once they are able to locate it, often questions arise about whether the information can be trusted and is appropriate for use. This is highly inefficient, and, ultimately, the result is not only wasted time but also reduced confidence in the decisions being made based on the information.

ZenOptics increases efficiency and confidence by bringing together analytics assets from any tool, platform, or application in the organization into a single interface and enabling cross-platform search and discovery of information. ZenOptics’ industry-leading set of connectors and integrations ensures that all the information is available, and users do not need to waste time switching between different platforms or trying to remember the source system of a report. They have easy access to all their information.

Further, ZenOptics provides governed assurance that the information can be trusted by certifying reports and allowing sharable workflows with prescribed paths for decision-making and business processes.

To this end, version 3.7 release enhances the user experience within ZenOptics to accelerate the way people conduct their day-to-day work. This increases productivity, efficiency, and BI adoption, allowing users to spend more time on core business objectives. The introduction of recommendations for trending and popular reports drives discoverability of relevant analytics assets for users.

"With this latest release, ZenOptics enables a reporting and analysis experience that is adaptive and customizable for each user’s preferences and working style,” said Donald Farmer, industry thought leader, principal at TreeHive Strategy, and technical advisor to ZenOptics. “Easily obtaining personalized, relevant information has been a serious barrier to adoption and use of BI and analytics resources in the past, but with these new capabilities users can optimize their regular practices and be aware of new analytics assets that may be valuable to their work. That’s a great experience in itself, and with ZenOptics this can be achieved with an integrated view across numerous BI platforms and deployments. It really is a breakthrough for the daily user of enterprise analytics."


ZenOptics 3.7 features four primary areas of enhancement:

  1. Navigation updates. To simplify the viewing area and provide additional real-estate for content, the navigation menus have been consolidated into peeking and full menus for easy access and drop-down menus in the upper right corner for Resources, Notifications, and Profile information.
  2. Dashboard enhancements. The dashboard is now totally revamped, with a fresh, airier design and personalization options for arranging dashboard widgets according to user preference. Version3.7 also introduces new widgets to promote discoverability of top 10 popular and trending content.
  3. Broadcast banner notifications. ZenOptics administrators can now broadcast messages and announcements to end-users in a scrolling banner across the top of the dashboard with links to additional relevant information.
  4. Full-screen mode maximizes report and workflow viewing space. Users can now drastically increase the size of the workspace when viewing reports, dashboards, and workflows.

"ZenOptics Version 3.7 is designed with the user experience in mind, with navigation and personalization enhancements that support the working style of individuals,” commented Heena Sood, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. “We have taken the feedback and recommendations of our customers very seriously, and all of that insight helps us amplify the daily, practical usage and adoption of ZenOptics for organizations. This positions us to not only increase adoption of analytics but also to understand user behavior based on intelligence-driven insights, ultimately guiding users to work safely with trusted, governed content.”

About ZenOptics

ZenOptics (www.zenoptics.com) helps customers maximize the value and increase the effectiveness of their existing analytic investments by aggregating all their analytic assets into a single, collaborative easily managed analytics catalog. ZenOptics uniquely offers knowledge worker efficiency, promotes report and analytics governance, and provides an automated path to optimizing analytic infrastructure investments.


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