The Intelligent Analytics Catalog

The ZenOptics analytics catalog is built on an easy to use portal that is the foundation for the platform.

ZenOptics is tailored to

Knowledge workers

who use multiple analytic platforms daily.

Information Stewards

who govern analytics and data assets


who oversees the TCO of Analytic and Reporting systems
Knowledge worker efficiency

Hours of savings

Better report governance

Massive risk reduction

Optimized analytics investments

Millions of dollars

Basic Portal


  • Single application
  • Single sign-on
  • Access to all analytics assets
  • Access to all analytics asset metadata
  • Retains existing analytics asset folder structures and categories

Familiar Consumer Functionality

Increase Productivity

  • Holistic enterprise search
  • Certification of reports
  • Customizable workflows
  • Personalized workspace
  • Collaboration capabilities
  • AI-driven recommendations

Intelligent Management Capabilities

Maximize ROI

  • Cross-platform report details
  • Report usage (by platform and by user)
  • BI dictionary
  • TCO dashboard for impact analysis
  • Enterprise search

Critical Governance Features

Accuracy & Confidence

  • Report statistics
  • Certification
  • Community engagement and feedback
  • Bad or duplicate reports
  • Competency Center

ZenOptics Connectors

BI Tools
Data & Transactions
Enterprise Apps

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