SAP, Tableau, Microstrategy Oh My!

Business intelligence and analytics leaders are simply trying to managing too many tools. Regardless of their industry, company size, and even the size of their teams, they always tell me they are using tools from at least three vendors – and in many cases the number is more than twice that.

But more tools doesn’t always translate to more value.

It’s time for enterprises to maximize the value of their BI and analytics investments. Here are five reasons why consolidating your analytics assets is key to creating more value while saving money.

1. It takes too long to get simple answers

That’s right. Even with a plethora of tools, we still have a hard time answering basic questions. How often have you wondered whether you were looking at the most up-to-date report, or whether the report was based on the correct data? Simple edits to a report that would answer your question today end up in a queue, and by the time you get an answer, the opportunity no longer exists and the insight is irrelevant.

Many questions are simple to ask, but it’s not so easy to find the right answers in a sea of BI and analytics tools. If knowledge workers cannot obtain answers quickly and easily, consider the implications — distorted information, decisions that are not fully vetted, or worse!

2. We spend too much time searching for reports.

The influx of so many new reports makes it more difficult than ever to find the right report, especially when reports are distributed across multiple platforms. Consider what your team could accomplish if BI and analytics consumers could find their reports with a click or two. And consider the amount of time your team wastes on requests for reports that already exist.

3. We can’t customize our reports.

Each report consumer has a specific job and responsibilities, so they request a specific set of reports. Many times, those reports are hosted on different systems, so consumers are required to log in and out of multiple platforms, making side-by-side comparisons difficult. How much more productive could your organization be if each report consumer could customize, personalize, and compare reports in a workspace that catalogs all the reports they use?

4. BI collaboration is limited — if it exists at all.

Many organizations lack collaboration around reporting and analytics. Collaboration is limited to informal communication, and third-party tools are limited in scope and usage. We are missing opportunities to leverage collaboration to improve our effectiveness and efficiency with crowd-sourced feedback on reports.

5. Reports are not trustworthy.

With so many reports on so many platforms, how do you know which reports you can trust? Without the ability to see all report metadata and a measure of certification, it’s impossible. The pressure to provide quick results often leads to report consumers relying on faulty data and making bad decisions.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar to you? Good news – it doesn’t have to be this way. The solution: deploy an analytics catalog that aggregates, organizes, governs, and manages all your analytics assets. Start the process today with ZenOptics and we will show you the results in weeks or even days.

All Enterprise Reporting in ONE PLACE

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