The Metadata Goldmine

“Data Data everywhere and not the time to think.” Sounds familiar? On a daily basis we have to make decisions based facts and data. Often, we make decisions based on pure data without paying close attention to the meaning behind data. There is plenty of data out there that comes at high velocity and it is diverse with variety of different formats. If you find yourselves in the middle of this confusion, knowing more about data or “Metadata” in short can simplify the consumption of data and help you make informed decisions.

Businesses today have invested in a number of tools that allow you to sort through this data to help make it simple for you to take the critical decisions. But the questions still linger – Am I making the right decisions? Can I rely on this data? Where is the data coming from? Who is else using this data? And the questions continue. If your goal is to use data for positive business outcomes, understanding the metadata can lead you to the goldmine. One can argue that investments in driving deeper understanding of data will drive the right business outcomes and thus has an attractive return on investment (ROI).

So what are some of the key benefits of understanding the Metadata? Here are some:

1. Data Definition

Knowledge about the data can drive the right decisions. Data driven decisions get expensive when the wrong metric is used to drive decisions.

2. Data Availability

Understanding when the data was last updated helps you to know how current and relevant this information could be for your decision.

3. Data Usage

Your ability to rely on the data will be better if has this data has been certified or used successfully in the past to drive decisions.

4. Data Lineage

Knowing where the data originated and how it has transformed, can help you evaluate if this is right data to be considered for your decision.

At ZEDventures, we have been working very hard to simplify this problem for our customers. We are bringing ZenOptics to the market that allows our customers to maximize their investments in enterprise software by simplifying the consumption of insights from data with a unifying platform. Businesses can retain their investments in tools like SAP Business ObjectsTableauQlikCognosPower BI etc. ZenOptics allows businesses to empower users to take informed decisions by leveraging data and metadata in many sources.

See more at 2016 SAPPHIRE & ASUG conference in Orlando, FL starting May 16-19 (Booth #782) . Come visit us or send me a LinkedIn message and I will be happy to show how we can help you get the most out of your Data and Metadata Goldmine.

How are you using your metadata to drive ROI on data investments ? Join the conversation here.

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