Report Personalization

  • Create a unique, personalized environment.
  • Make report consumers more productive.
  • Provide a community platform for collaboration and interaction.
  • Enable the community to crowdsource information for better answers faster.
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Unified Reporting

  • Provide a single layer to access all analytics assets.
  • Enable side-by-side comparison.
  • Deliver fast access to any report.
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Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Understand which reports and platforms are used by which organization.
  • Highlight similar reports created by each organization and certify the correct reports.
  • Determine the most effective path for cost reductions.
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Tool Consolidation and Optimization

  • Understand which platforms are being used.
  • Highlight duplicate reports or reports that could lead to bad decision making.
  • Determine the most effective consolidation path.
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Report Governance

  • Understand exactly which reports and platforms are being used by whom.
  • Discover potential duplicated, bad or unauthorized reports.
  • Ensure complete oversight for all platforms and users in your reporting ecosystem.
  • Provide a platform for self-report governance.
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Reconciliation and Validation

  • Provide complete visibility into all report usage by users.
  • Highlight all potential duplicate and redundant reports.
  • Ensure that the most appropriate platforms are being used for each user and user community.
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