The Challenge

Organizations with multiple BI and reporting tools and underlying data stores struggle to identify which reports are timely and accurate. And as legacy tools age and others gain in popularity, they have difficulty choosing in which tools to invest going forward.

ZenOptics Solution

The ZenOptics analytics catalog enables you to easily reconcile duplicate and bad reports and validate good ones. With ZenOptics, you can:

Provide complete visibility into report usage at any hierarchy level – user, team, or department.

Highlight duplicate and redundant reports with side-by-side comparisons.

Develop and optimize plans for migrations between BI and analytics tools and environments. ZenOptics can help you identify which tools are low ROI and which are on the rise, so you know where to deprecate and invest.

Operationalize BI migrations. With ZenOptics, users can access the same report in one environment pre-deprecation and another environment post-deprecation without drastic changes in their user experience, smoothing the

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