The Challenge

Organizations have many reporting and analytics tools at their disposal. While this enables them to find a variety of insights in different datasets, it makes it a challenge to ensure that report creators and consumers are only accessing information to which they have proper privileges.

ZenOptics Solution

The ZenOptics analytics catalog provides a practical solution for report governance. With ZenOptics, you get:

Live insights into what analysts are building and consumers are accessing.

Transparency around reporting and information access with oversight of all reporting platforms and users.

A platform for self-governance to ensure security and peace of mind about your information and analytics.

  • Provide a single layer to access all analytics assets. Even with single sign-on, report consumers often spend valuable time shifting from one analytics environment to the next trying to find the insights they need. ZenOptics eliminates this challenge by bringing all analytics assets together in one environment.
  • Enable side-by-side comparison. Teams are often asked to build multiple reports to answer similar questions. With ZenOptics, you can see the results (as well as the lineage) side-by-side so you know you have the right answer.
  • Deliver fast access to any report. With intelligent recommendations, ZenOptics can help you find the right report to answer your questions.

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