The Challenge

With report consumers accessing analytics and insights in so many places, it’s difficult to ensure that they see the most important information. At the same time, BI consumers are accustomed to a personalized experience from applications in their everyday lives, making the challenge of presenting relevant reports even more urgent.

ZenOptics Solution

The ZenOptics analytics catalog personalizes the experience of finding information in BI and analytics, putting relevant information directly in front of decision-makers. With personalized recommendations, ZenOptics makes information consumers extremely efficient. With ZenOptics, you can:

  • Create a unique, personalized environment with report recommendations based on titles, rankings, favorites, and affinity analysis, for a Netflix-like consumer experience.
  • Make report consumers more productive with fast access to key analytics assets through a single interface.
  • Provide a community platform for collaboration and interaction around information and analytics for better answers faster.
  • Cross the last mile in reporting and analytics to ensure the right users are seeing the most relevant reports.
  • Provide a single layer to access all analytics assets. Even with single sign-on, report consumers often spend valuable time shifting from one analytics environment to the next trying to find the insights they need. ZenOptics eliminates this challenge by bringing all analytics assets together in one environment.
  • Enable side-by-side comparison. Teams are often asked to build multiple reports to answer similar questions. With ZenOptics, you can see the results (as well as the lineage) side-by-side so you know you have the right answer.
  • Deliver fast access to any report. With intelligent recommendations, ZenOptics can help you find the right report to answer your questions.

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